Who we are!

PISTENTECH is an international trading company that is active worldwide in the field of used

snow groomers.

In recent years we have worked hard and reliably to provide our customers with the best

solutions with a fair price/performance ratio. Today we continue to deliver the best results,

create new opportunities and remain strong in the market. We now sell in over 60 countries


Our services

We offer a whole range of services and added values that make us references on the market.

For a long time we have focused on the sale, purchase and after-sales service of snow


We offer our customers used snow groomers for the maintenance of slopes and cross-

country ski runs, but also adapted for other areas such as in biogas plants, for peat

processing, composting plants or in the sugar industry.


Sustainability really happens with us, because our customers buy used snow groomers,

which we provide for them. A good working product at a fair price that can remain in use for

many years.

Our values

More and more customers from all over the world trust in PISTENTECH. Our aim is to satisfy

our customers with competence, reliability, speed, the best and individual advice and

technical support.

We communicate openly, quickly and clearly.

Our partnership is rounded off by good and fair prices.

In order to harmonize all this, a network is required, which we have built up over the years.

We always have between 60 and 80 machines in stock, which you are welcome to inspect by

appointment. Many customers appreciate our service. Our team is small but mighty. We are,

so to speak, a family company and behave as such, both internally and externally.

We are also there for our customers when it comes to transport and the preparation of

customs documents and support or take care of everything when exporting snow groomers.

From 2015 to 2018 we had 8 employees working on a major project in Turkey, in the largest

ski area in Kayseri, Erciyes. Here we have carried out the complete preparation of the 56

kilometers of slopes. From the snow groomer to the driver, service and maintenance, we

provided our customers with the complete package for the outsourcing of slope preparation.

We are also active in some wind farms that use our services during the winter to be able to

bring your engineers and experts in cabins to the appropriate positions high up on the

mountain in the snow on a daily basis.

Of course, we are open to all new questions and requests and look forward to your inquiry.